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My first noticeable physical effect of doing yoga was increased flexibility and range of motion in joints. When I first started with the forward bend, my hands were level with my knees – my back was very inflexible. Now, my hands are fully on the floor, my forehead is at my knee level. My goal is to touch my forehead to my knees. Yoga practice has increased my strength because the postures use my own weight to resist itself in balance poses. Yoga has toned my muscles, so I wear my clothes better.

Mentally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. I am especially grateful for the yoga classes twice a week. Sadness and depression can get an easy grip during these dark months. Doing yoga then is what I need to pick me up, cheer me up mentally. My body seems to thank me for the activity.

The instructor – Yuni Scala, are experts in anatomy and physiology. She know which muscle groups are engaged in each posture. She tailor each class to students’ ability. She explain variations of the posture, so each student can adjust to their experience and comfort. There is no “competition” or judgment in the classes. Each does their own practice according to their ability and progress from there. The contraindication are explained for each posture. The students are supportive of each other and welcome newcomers.

We are fortunate to have this precious facility in our community fostering our growth physically, mentally and emotionally.

So – buy a mat, come and join in the class. An inspirational phrase for us.

About Susan Harsawardana

A lucky wife of a fabulous husband and proud mom of a good children. Homemaker, love Yoga and do some online business ; design, caricature and as Independent Oriflame Consultant

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